What I’m listening to….

What I’m listening to….

A regularly updated scratchpad showing ten albums that I’m currently listening to.  Right now, this is the music that’s inspiring me to keep doing what I’m doing…  

Karine Polwart 'Laws Of Motion'

One of my favourite artists and someone that I've neither met nor seen live (must rectify that soon). I could listen to her voice all day....in fact I regularly do.

Thom Ashworth 'Head Canon'

Why are more people not raving about this album? It's bloody amazing!

Jess Morgan 'Everything I Did Last Year'

Another voice that I could listen to for days. Lazy Sunday morning, quiet house, cuppa, sit back, headphones on, play this. Bliss.

Megson 'Contradicshun'

Another killer album from the Megson production line...seems like they just can produce fantastic records over and over again. Humour, earthiness, great tunes, wonderful musicality.

Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage 'Awake'

I loved their last album and this is even better. Warm, detailed production and stunning performances. Listening to 'I Met A Man' felt like Hannah was telling me the story over a cup of coffee. 'Reaching' is beautiful.

Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin 'Edgelarks'

I like listening music that's 'cinematic' in feeling and that's what I'm rewarded with when I listen to Phil and Hannah. When I talk about artists who make something that's traditional in it's foundation but then make it cool and contemporary, these guys are a perfect example (I really like the artwork by Elly Lucas as well)...

BLUE ROSE CODE 'The Water Of Leith'

Still one of my favourite artists bar none. Each album Ross releases is progressively more stunning than the last. This one is magnificent; 'Sandaig' in particular. The Skinny's Scottish Album of the Year 2017 and for good reason.

Kitty Macfarlane 'Namer Of Clouds'

Kitty doesn't sound like anyone else I've listened to. This album is wonderful...lyrically thought provoking and fantastically produced. Quality.

Gilmore and Roberts 'A problem Of Our Kind'

Latest instalment from one of my favourite duos. There are 'Kat songs' and 'Jamie songs' on here in equal measure, Kat leaning toward the contemporary and Jamie toward the traditional, but they bind together through great musicianship and songwriting. 'Just A Piece Of Wood', Kat's love song dedicated to her violin, is bloody brilliant...


Brilliant little album that sounds like it was performed live around a single mic. Wonderful.

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