The Foxglove Trio: Filming ‘January Girl’

The Foxglove Trio: Filming ‘January Girl’

Filming the ‘January Girl’ video

I worked with the Foxglove Trio last year on some promo images and was fortunate to be subsequently asked to work on their first music video.

The track was ‘January Girl’ taken from their 2017 album ‘Distant Havens’.  I really like the track, particularly the staccato introduction on the cellos – clever stuff.  For the video we chose to keep it to a relatively straightforward performance video – the trio wanted to give promoters an idea of what they’re like as a performing act.

For visual consistency we chose the same place (along with the same outfits) that we used for the promo shoot last year.  The completely awesome thing about working with the Foxglove Trio is that both times I’ve worked with them they’ve cooked lunch before we start…this time it was a Sunday roast!  Definitely go straight to the top of my ‘favourite redwood client’ list for that!

Shooting the video went pretty much to plan and how I’d visualised it, including the shots where it was ‘just hands’ playing the cello parts.  The footage showing the trio opening and closing shutters was a bit of an accident; we’d already shot the video and we were looking around for some b-roll stuff to shoot in slo-mo to intersperse in the video.  When we looked closely, we realised the shutters opened and closed on the windows in the room so we bagged a shot of Patrick doing that.  Then Niall, Cathy’s partner, came up with the idea of doing a synchronised opening and closing and then using that to bookend the video.  Great thinking!  I loved the shots and we ended up using them.

The video is here:

Ffion, Patrick and Cathy are fab to work with and I’m really pleased with how the video turned – most importantly it’s had a tonne of views on facebook and got the trio a whole bunch of engagement and exposure…which is the point of the exercise.

You can get hold of a copy of ‘Distant Havens’ here.  Recommended; there’s some lovely stuff on there.

Thanks to Niall for the behind-the-scenes photos:

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