Photographing The Mechanicals Band

Photographing The Mechanicals Band

The first time I photographed Wes Finch was, I think, in 2012. I met Wes through Steve ‘Stylusboy’ Jones; Steve was supporting Wes at a house concert and I went along to take photographs. Most of the musicians I photographed in the early days of redwood were, in one way or another connected to Stylusboy. It’s fair to say that if it wasn’t for Steve, redwood in it’s current form probably wouldn’t exist…

Wes was also the first musician to agree to be interviewed for my blog. Back then, I wondered if posting interviews alongside my promo photography would generate more interest in what I was doing. Pretty soon, due to the generosity shown by musicians like Wes (as well as their patience putting up with my dumb questions!), the interviews outgrew the photography. That’s how I ended up writing for Folk Radio UK. I figured there was no point trying to build a ‘folk blog’ when Alex Gallacher had already knocked it out of the park with FRUK. Luckily Alex agreed to take me on board and I’ve the pleasure of being part of the FRUK team since then…

Anyway I digress… I’ve photographed Wes a number of times since then and always enjoy shooting with him. As well as being an cool looking geezer, he’s also the nicest guy and…if you haven’t listened his stuff yet (in which case you really should)…an exceptional musician and songwriter.

A couple of years ago Wes collaborated with a number of other Midlands based musicians to create ‘The Mechanicals Band’; music inspired by and using the words of William Shakespeare and other great poets of England. The band also features Katrin Gilbert, Jools Street, Ben Haines and John Parker (who incidentally is the musician that I’ve probably photographed and filmed more than anyone else in various projects!)

Last year the band released their first album ‘Exit, Pursued By A Bear’, which I think might be a Shakespeare reference (apologies, I’m terribly unread!) The album was a mash-up of various genres and a fine listen.

Turns out the Mechanicals Band are working on a new album and Wes contacted me towards the end of Autumn about grabbing some promo shots to support the new album promotion; cue a morning spent shooting in Kenilworth.

To be honest I recall most of the morning being spent in complete laughter! After spending nearly an hour waiting for tourists to vacate the area of Abbey Fields we wanted to shoot in (which, incidentally, is the same place I photographed Daria Kulesh a few years ago), we ended up where all good shoots end up; in the pub…

So here’s the thing; The Mechanicals Band need support for the release of the new album and quite frankly, it would be a absolute travesty if this record never got released!

You can help music lovers everywhere by helping The Mechanicals Band get this record out there. Kickstarter link below. Cheers!

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