Lucy May Walker, Hannah Rose Platt & Roswell at The Big Comfy Bookshop

Lucy May Walker, Hannah Rose Platt & Roswell at The Big Comfy Bookshop

What better way to kick off a glorious bank-holiday weekend than enjoying some live music at my fave acoustic venue. Once again Michael had conjured up a line-up of musical talent guaranteed to put a Good Friday smile on people’s faces…

For the (very few) people that read my posts about Big Comfy Bookshop gigs, it must seem like I always bang on a bit about how great the acts are. I do try to be balanced; while there’s no doubt that I’ve seen some great music over the years at BCB, it’s also fair to say that not every act I’ve seen has been my cup of tea.

So I feel confident in saying that in all honestly, Roswell were the best opening act that I think I’ve ever seen at BCB. Normally the opening artist is a warm-up…a way of easing into the evening and you’re prepared to accept that as an opening act, it might not be the most polished performance.

Not so with Roswell. Tight, professional, great performance, great vocals, good variety of styles…Zoë and Jasmine were like a headline act. Switching between songs that each member of the duo had written, their set was crammed with great material.

They played a new song called ‘Come Home’ (I think it was called that anyway!) with some nice fretboard tapping from Zoë, as well as a cool cover of The Cranberries ‘Dreams’. I think my fave track though was a song Zoë wrote called ‘End Of The Line’; bangin’ ending! Good stuff.

Hannah Rose Platt, accompanied by Freddie Draper on bass, again gave us a strong set, particularly the opening ‘Chanel and Cigarettes’. Hannah’s style is kinda country-rock on a base of quality songwriting. I really liked ‘When Audrey Came To Call’ which apparently was written about a hurricane. I’m pretty sure Hannah said she has an album on it’s way and she’d played a track called ‘Your Way’ which I think she said was off the album? I really must starting writing notes about this stuff! Anyway, it was cool.

We’d already filmed a Big Comfy Session earlier in the afternoon with Lucy May Walker, so I’d already heard her sing…but even then she still blew me away with her opening song ‘Self-Destruction’. There’s no doubt about it; Lucy is a performer. Expressive, interesting, makes you feel every word she sings, funny between-song banter in a slightly kooky way; she’s a quality act. But what stood out most of all for me was her voice…she’s bloody great!

Lucy makes a point of explaining that most of her material is about heartbreak. Stand-out tracks for me were ‘Without Him’ (which I think she said is coming out later this year), her forthcoming single ‘Safety Net’ and a track called ‘You’re Not Alone’ that Lucy performed live on Radio 2. With an inevitable and well-deserved encore, Lucy’s set was a great way to round off another quality night of music at The Big Comfy Bookshop.

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