Fred’s House, Zoë Wren, Threaded at The Big Comfy Bookshop

Fred’s House, Zoë Wren, Threaded at The Big Comfy Bookshop

Not having the time to get out and see live music has been driving me nuts for the last couple of months.  Fortunately I’ve been back into the swing of things this week having enjoyed great gigs from Gilmore and Roberts as well as Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage.  Last night’s line-up at the Big Comfy Bookshop rounded off a few days of live music nicely…

It was a packed old night at the bookshop.  You can always tell when ticket sales are going well when Michael is scrambling to borrow chairs from Fargo Village to accommodate punters.  First on the bill were Threaded, a trio who I’ve got to know through working on a little redwood project (which I’m stoked about btw! Should be out soon) but whom I hadn’t actually see live.  It was Rosie, Jamie and Ning-ning’s third time at the bookshop and after starting off brightly with ‘Bridge Of Eagles’ they shared a couple of new tracks; a cracking instrumental called ‘Sooner Tomorrow’ and a song called ‘The Blacksmith and The Lady’ with Jamie on vocals.  Personal highlight was ‘Hidden Lights’, a beautiful tune written by Ning-ning about a friend’s travel experience.  They finished their lovely, laid-back set with ‘Left Off’ featuring Jame and Ning-ning on vocals.

Following the theme of ‘first time I’ve seen them play’, London’s Zoë Wren was up next.  I’ve heard quite a bit about Zoë and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard from her EP’s.  Opening with ‘London Town’, Zoë treated the bookshop audience to a confident set, battling through a few technical and tuning challenges (it was a warm old evening!) but still managing to keep the flow of the set going well.  ‘She’s A Highwayman’ went down really well but my personal fave was  ‘What If The Time’, a song inspired by Zoë’s work in a prison while she was a student.  ‘If I Had A Voice’ wrapped up an entirely enjoyable and compelling performance.  Looking forward to seeing and hearing more from Zoë…

Turns out I’ve never seen Fred’s House before either, which is a bit remiss seeing as I’ve known them for a while having pointed my camera at them more than once.  Having spent time hanging out with these guys, their live set is exactly as I’d suspected it would be; fun, energetic, really well performed whilst at the same time not taking themselves too seriously…

I don’t think there was bad track in the whole set; a mark of a band that’s done their time and know what works and what doesn’t.  ‘Never Gonna Love You’ as featured in a recently released music video went down well as did their well established ‘Shut Up and Dance’ with a storming guitar solo by stand-in Adam Chinery (in fact Mr’s Chinery’s playing was seriously badass for pretty much the whole set).  I loved their cover of Neil Young’s ‘Old Man’ as well as ‘Sooner Or Later’, a song about Karma.

By the time Fred’s House rounded things off there was a palpable buzz in the room.  It’s difficult not to like Fred’s House; fantastically entertaining and guaranteed to put a smile on the face of even the most reluctant audience members.

Another great night at probably the best acoustic venue in the country (personal view obviously….not biased in the slightest…)

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