Filming with The Tweed Project

Filming with The Tweed Project

This one started with a message from Ciaran Algar:

Ciaran and I had previously talked about doing something with the Tweed Project around the Cambridge Folk Festival. For reasons I won’t go into here but may get around to blogging about at some point, I didn’t end up going to Cambridge. So it was a no-brainer when I got offered another chance to work with them.

The main issue was finding a location; folk videos are rarely high budget so location choice is always a tricky exercise. The band would be in the Oxford area for their day off and through a mix of speaking to contacts of google-hunting, I found a location that with careful use of some low-key lighting, I thought we could make work.

Ciaran had sent me across the EP tracks to listen to. Everything on the EP was utterly amazing and for about a week it became my soundtrack when walking to work through London. I was made up when I found out what track they wanted to do for the video:

Devil in the Dust was a banging track with bagpipes, fiddle and percussion, all with Josie Duncan’s wonderful vocal soaring over the top. I had a good feeling about this video…

I met up with Tweed Project as planned on a wet day in October. I was concerned about having a loud enough playback for a six-piece band so I loaned the PA from The Big Comfy Bookshop to make sure we had a reasonable level to work with. Once we’d got a good level and the room and lighting were set up, we were ready to go.

Filming went pretty much to plan and we captured all the footage we’d discussed beforehand, plus some extra clips that we thought of on the day. The band are all lovely and I’d worked with Greg, Ciaran and Evan before which always helps. It was an easy process to get through the filming.

The resulting video looked pretty much how we’d discussed and how I envisaged it. Ciaran seemed satisfied with it when I sent it through to him:

We did a few tweaks and settled on version 0.3 as being ‘the one’:

Another fabulous project to be involved with; fantastic musicians and lovely people to hang out with for an afternoon. I’m pleased with how the video came out.

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