Filming with Kim Lowings

Filming with Kim Lowings

When working with artists to plan shoots, I’ll quite often say ‘The location isn’t super-important…it just adds a bit of context to the video or photos.’

While I still think that’s true, it has to be said that in the case of the shoot I did with Kim and Andrew ‘Jarv’ Lowings the location seemed to personify the shoot. Not that I can take any credit for it; Kim sorted it all out, which made for an easy life for me. In fact, the whole shoot was easy…Kim and Jarv were so cool to work with.

I’d been a fan of Kim’s since discovering the 2017 Kim Lowings and The Greenwood album ‘Wild & Wicked Youth’ (I also really liked the album’s cover image!) I didn’t actually meet Kim however until I filmed the Chris Cleverley Trio last summer. A few months later Kim contacted me about doing some promo videos and photos for her solo and duo acts with her dad, Jarv. Being asked to work with artists that I already really admire is just a massive privilege, I certainly don’t take it for granted…

We started by filming a solo performance from Kim. From the moment I saw the slightly garish wallpaper in the venue I just knew that was going to be the backdrop! I lit Kim from camera left with an LED panel with CTO gel and diffused through a white umbrella. I find myself almost using CTO gels on those LED panels as the light from them is a bit on the cool side. We put a second panel behind Kim and camera right to her create a bit of edge light.

Later in post, there wasn’t a lot of change about from a slight colour normalisation between the cameras I was using and then a bit of a curve just to add some tone.

We then filmed a track with Kim and Jarv performing as a duo. Pretty much the same lighting setup. An interesting feature of this video was that floor was making an incredibly squeaky sound under Kim and Jarv’s feet, so much so that listening to the playback it was drowning out the music. I had to get them to remove their shoes so that we could get a clean audio take!

We were up against the clock in terms of time at the location so as soon as we had the duo video in the bag we rattled through a set of promo images:

Incidentally, a few people have commented on my photos that I leave a lot of negative space in the images. Well observed! The reason for this is that a lot of my images get used for posters hence I leave negative space in the images for text, tour dates etc. So now you know!

All in all, a fun afternoon’s shooting and one of my favourite projects of last year. Go check out Kim’s music…..

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