Filming ‘Hidden Things’ with Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage

Filming ‘Hidden Things’ with Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Hannah and Ben on a few different projects now; videos for The Fall, Way Over Yonder and most recently I Met A Man.

They’re great fun to hang out with and I’m a massive fan of what they do. It’s beyond my comprehension how anyone can produce music as beautiful as theirs. I always feel under pressure to do it justice.

When Ben first sent me a rough mix for ‘Hidden Things’, once again I was blown away. Such a stunning track.

Hannah talked about filming the core of the video somewhere a bit more urban than the previous videos. We ended up heading for Ely…which isn’t exactly urban grunge, but I guess for Cambridgeshire it is!

Talking about Ely, a couple of weeks after the shoot I met up with one of my oldest friends who happens to live over that way. We were sitting at dinner and I said “Oh yeah I was over this way a couple of weeks ago filming in eel-eye”…which is just how I assumed it was pronounced.

My mate looked at me. “What the fuck’s eel-eye?” he said in disgust, “It’s ee-lee you nob”…

So, now you know.

Anyway, back to filming. We happened to pick the windiest day of the year to go and film in ee-lee, which caused us a bit of bother. Hannah was alright with her braids (note use of the correct term Hannah 😉 ) but Ben has a lot of hair and was struggling in the hurricane like conditions. Shout out to stylist Cian for working in such hostile elements! To make matters even more challenging, it was sunny which always makes photography and filming more difficult. Having said that, it was low winter-like sun which I find easier to work with compared to the high-sun you get in the middle of the year.

So I was trying to find spaces to film where a) we could get Hannah and Ben with their back to the sun and b) it wasn’t ridiculously windy. With a bit of selective location choice, we ended up using the sun to backlight Hannah in the opening scenes on the bench which gave it that nice hazy kind of look.

For the more rural shots at the end of the video (we wanted something to contrast with the rest of the video) Ben headed towards a place he knew, which looked fantastic but it was just an absolute wind tunnel…like blow you off your goddam feet wind! You can see it buffeting Hannah and Ben in the closing shots.

The wind did, however, provide some nice movement in Ben’s hair and Hannah’s floaty dress, so in editing that got used to create a bit of a vibe. And a couple of hours later sat in the pub eating glorious food, the wind was a distant memory…

For the b-roll, Hannah had talked about the theme of the song…the small beautiful things that surround us every day, like sunlight glinting off something reflective. That single idea stuck in my head, so a few days later on my way to work when the sun was similar, I shot the footage of the sun on the buildings. Also the out-of focus shots of people walking. Most of that footage was shot in the Farringdon area of London…maybe one or two clips were shot in Mayfair later in the day, I can’t remember to be honest. The video also contains a few clips that were taken on my iphone during a train journey to Wigan.

I really like the video. But it’s the song that makes it…

If you want to go and see Hannah and Ben (and frankly why wouldn’t you ‘cos they’re ace) you’ve got a small window of opportunity before they nip off across the Atlantic at the end of the month. Check out dates here.

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