Chris Fox: Filming ‘Tinseltown’

Chris Fox: Filming ‘Tinseltown’

It was back in November when Chris Fox initially got in touch about making a video to support his single release.

One of the nice things about working within the music scene (or at least this acoustic folky scene) is that everybody knows everybody.  Hence, it’s usually pretty easy to find out more about people who I’ll potentially be working with.  Everyone I spoke to was really positive about Chris which was a good sign!

In our discussions beforehand, Chris had talked about wanting to so a performance video.  Having enlisted support from Cliff Ward and John Parker, Chris also arranged for Dan Wilde to record the audio from the performance.  I already knew all these guys so it was a nice team to be working with…

I woke up on the morning of the shoot and surmised that I’d had just just one pint more than I should have the previous night  (I’d spent the previous evening nattering to Ben Savage and putting the folk world to rights), but after an early rise and a McDonalds breakfast I was firing on all cylinders again and good to go.  There’s not much in the world that McDonalds breakfast doesn’t cure…

Chris is an engineer at the location we filmed in, which was extremely handy because he knew how to drive the lighting desk.  Not wanting to pass over the opportunity to leverage the location lighting, we chose to work with just a couple of spots in the ceiling.  I decided to pull the guys forward so that they were heavily lit from above.  The first benefit of that was that it plunged the back wall into darkness; the wall is only about ten yards behind them, but because it’s not lit it just looks like they’re in a ‘space’.

The second and main benefit however was that it creates a look that I thought treated the track, which is (as Chris describes it) ‘a dark blues-infused murder ballad’.  Watching the playback, Chris described the lighting as ‘sinister’, which is a word that I like…

We recorded a few takes and then Dan played them back to us.  The first take had this great vibe to it…whilst the two subsequent takes were probably technically better, we all felt that there was something great about the first take, so that’s what we went with.

So a cool little video that will hopefully help more people discover Chris and his music.  Chris is getting some real traction at the moment and playing some great gigs, so you should definitely check him out.

You can check out the final video below:

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