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I love music and I’m completely fascinated by people who make it.

I’m intrigued in particular by artists who build their music on a traditional foundation – call it folk, acoustic, roots, whatever label you want to put on it – and then give it some kind of contemporary twist.  People who make ‘traditional’ cool.

That concept excites me; that’s the type of artist I love to work with.  I’m blessed that I get to work with super-talented people and always feel humbled to be asked to help them in some small way.

If you scroll down my homepage you’ll see examples of the sort of content I like to create.  Introspective music portraiture is how I’ve come to describe it.  I work with select artists on music videos, performance videos, ‘making-of’ documentaries, promotional photography, live music photography, album artwork and promotional graphics.  I plan thoroughly and strive to create content that gets the artists I work with the attention that they truly deserve.

As well as the work I do for this site, I photograph and interview artists for fruk and film the Big Comfy Sessions.  You’ll find me on twitter @redwoodphotos.

Thanks for visiting and I really hope you enjoy the site….

Nice stuff people have said:

“I’ve worked with Rob over the last 5 or 6 years and have always been excited to see the shots we get and always genuinely satisfied with the result. Rob understands photographing musicians in a way that more general photographers wouldn’t and is able to capture something distinctive and arresting about the subject in his frame. He’s always open to any ideas I have and I love the passion and pride he takes….”  – Wes Finch

“It’s been a real pleasure to work with Redwood.  Rob is great person to plan a project with; he asks the right questions, engages with the music, listens to ideas and arrives on-site really well prepared.  In our experience he always gets results so in many ways is a safe bet, but crucially he is nearly always working on something new or striving for something different and that seems to help keep his output vibrant and creative.” – Ben Savage

“Rob is a delight to work with. With his gentle direction and intuitive understanding of the look and vibe I was going for, he created a perfect set of creative, striking, atmospheric portraits for my album and the accompanying publicity. One of the images ended up on the cover of Folk London – my first magazine cover. I couldn’t have been happier with Rob’s photographs and the only difficulty was choosing the best shots out of so many quality ones. I look forward to working with Rob again and will keep recommending him to other artists.” – Daria Kulesh

“We really enjoyed working with Rob. He was prompt and professional in all of his communications with us before and after the shoot. He was always willing to listen to our ideas and feedback. Having not done a professional shoot before we were quite nervous on the day but Rob was great at putting us at ease. The time actually flew by so we must have enjoyed it! The finished products are brilliant. They’re very high quality and they give the impression we initially discussed with Rob. We would definitely recommend working with him!” – The Foxglove Trio

“Rob is such a great guy to work with. He encourages you but also tells you exactly what he wants from you to make each shot work.” – Stylusboy

“That was a very fun interview/photo shoot. @redwoodphotos is one great man.” – Atlum Schema

“The video looks ace!  Really pleased with how it turned out” – Megson

“Thanks so much for all your hard work, they’re the best photos we’ve ever had!!!’ – Fred’s House

The photos are great.  We’re really happy with them” – Dan Wilde