Behind the music…

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Hi, thanks for visiting the site.

My name’s Rob and I film, photograph and write about folk, roots and acoustic musicians.  As well as the work I do for this site, I photograph and interview artists for fruk and film the Big Comfy Sessions.

Why do I do this?  Well, because I love music, because I like making stuff that looks cool…and to be honest because I’m fascinated by people who make music.

That’s redwood….in the proverbial nutshell.

“Images are brilliant, loving your good work sir :-)” – Adam, Leicester

“Rob is able to get the best from every artist….” – Helen, Hertfordshire.

“Rob is such a great guy to work with. He encourages you but also tells you exactly what he wants from you to make each shot work.” – Steve, Coventry.

“That was a very fun interview/photo shoot. @redwoodphotos is one great man.” – Andy, Warwickshire

“The video looks ace!  Really pleased with how it turned out” – Stu, Cambridgeshire

“Thanks so much for all your hard work, they’re the best photos we’ve ever had!!!’ – Victoria, Cambridgeshire

The photos are great.  We’re really happy with them” – Dan, Cambridgeshire

You can also find me on twitter @redwoodphotos

Thanks for visiting and I really hope you enjoy the site….